Part Five

Contains spoilers for the fic.

Not An Ounce of Peace, first and foremost, has been a labor of love. I started off writing one fic and the result here is something completely different. For the first 5, 000 words and month or so, I was writing a fic where Sam and Dean were cursed to fall in love. Then, I watched the February episodes of Supernatural and realised that that wasn't my Big Bang at all. I forged ahead and suddenly I was writing a story about the apocalypse, not a relationship.

This wouldn't have been written as well as it was (and it would definitely have more spelling errors) if it weren't for my awesome betas, [ profile] somnolentblue and [ profile] gblvr. They were both impossibly awesome and helpful, especially when I was in my first editing stages.

Things of note, that could probably be construed as spoilers for the story: all Bible quotes are from the Douay-Rheims translation. My concept of God and Lucifer is pulled from the Book of Job. The apocalyptic happenings come primarily from the Book of Daniel, though I do draw on other books of the prophets. The final seal is from the Book of Revelation.

I'm also going to thank [ profile] wendy, [ profile] thehighwaywoman, and [ profile] audrarose for organising the whole [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang. Everyone at [ profile] omgspnbigbang was amazingly supportive, even when I was going crazy because my story took a U-turn. And, of course, thanks to [ profile] deanbottoms for letting me know that I would be able to finish this and being my cheerleaders.

[ profile] thandie was a great artist to work with for this, especially as I've never worked with an artist before now. If you haven't already checked out her amazing work, she made a great fanmix soundtrack for Not An Ounce of Peace in addition to illustrating it. Check them out here.

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You already know I love this story so much, and it's been fun 'working' with you :)
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Your stuff is awesome. I absolutely adore the mix you made. It's more perfect than anything I could have done.

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I'm so sorry I ended up doing a lot less than what I had hoped for, but I'm grateful and happy you appreciated what I did! You rock. ♥


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