Title: The Sour for the Sweet
Rating: PG-15
Spoilers: Through Season 3
Summary: After Dean's death, Sam walks a knife's edge. He becomes what his brother hates, for his brother's sake.
Word Count: 7516
Notes: A companion piece to Closer to Comfort which should be read first. Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to write this as it was a pleasure. It is non-linear.

My sources include, but are in no way limited, Wikipedia, a variety of nationwide newspapers, AAA, the Egyptian Magical Papyri, Birth of the Middle Ages (Moss, 1935), epodunk.com, and coworkers and relatives. They were endlessly valuable.

It started in Fairview and Pittsfield and Fremont and Idiot Creek and in a motel outside Clarksdale )
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( Jul. 16th, 2008 08:11 pm)
Title: Closer to Comfort: A fic for [livejournal.com profile] erickripke
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Through Season 3
Summary: In the dust and sun of west Texas, city and ghost town, avenue and interstate, two brothers learn about the love in pranks, the importance - and sorrow - of hunting knives, and just what it means to go through hell.
Word Count: 2692
Notes: Unbetaed for the sake of time. Written on three different computers. This started off as a Lisa-and-Ben run into Sam-and-Dean in west Texas fic and then turned into something else entirely. I apologise for the lack of Lisa and Ben and hope that Texas and Rte 10 make up for it.

I'd like to thank epodunk.com and tshaonline.org for their amazing help in getting me to know a state where I've only been to the airport. I'd love to thank AAA for maps and hotel information and my Texan relatives for putting up with stupid questions. And Wikipedia for always being there with information, whether it be on ghost towns and Slavic demons or census information on Nowhere, Texas.

Ozona, TX: The Biggest Little Town in the World )


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