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Birthdate:Aug 21
Location:United States of America
I will scatter myself among men and women as I go

chasingtides is the only living survivor of the horrible, horrible accident. The dead survivors are quite envious of this, and frequently poke her with a stick to render her life miserable. Finding her life rendered miserable, and thoroughly sick of being poked by dead people, chasingtides moved to Mexico to escape the torment of her past. It was there she met dancer Julio Vasqualiz; four days later they were married and subsequently had many, many babies all born with the ability to melt sherberts, frozen yogurt, and Italian ices with their gaze. This ability was never discovered, however, as there were no sherberts, frozen yogurts, or Italian ices available to them in Mexico. (thank you, tea_and_snark)
Bisocial News; metafandom; Ravelry

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I am

ALWAYS!, activist, admirer, adult, ally, ambiguous, ask me, bent, birl, bitch, blond, both, complex, confidant, creative, crip, cunt, cute, different, dreamer, eclectic, fabulous, family, family-closeted, fangirl, fluid, friend, full of hate, full of love, geek, gender liberationist, genderful, glittery, happy, human, ineffable, interested, leftist, lover, loving, misunderstood, monoflexible, multifacetted, no thank you, none of your business, open, outspoken, pansexual, passionate, philosopher, privileged, pro-choice, pro-family, pro-gay, pro-sex feminist, progressive, quirky, right-brained, sacred whore, self-defined, sir, sister, student, tomboy, treehugger, twin, unique, wannabe

Who are you?

From my flist:

[info]violetlemon47: You are the pages to my journal.
[info]bohorseok: You are the Lettie to my Sophie.
[info]senor_coconut_1: You are the Gwen to my PC Andy.
[info]summersiren: You are the marshmellows to my hot chocolate.
[info]fmyates: You are the Waco Kid to my Black Bart.
[info]breakinporcelan: You are the Fraser to my Diefenbaker, b/c I'd like to follow you around and steal your donuts.
[info]arathin: You are the Remus to my Sirius... And sometimes vice-versa.
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