I picked up this book in the Americana section of Powell's while I was in Portland. In theory, it's a book about the American roadtrip and why Americans want to travel and how it's related to Manifest Destiny and a bunch of crap I'm actually really interested in. (I've got a massive case of wanderlust - in case anyone managed to miss that part of my personality - and while I don't always have the means to actually feed it, I enjoy feeding it with travel literature.)

My only advice to any decent human being who is looking for a good roadtrip or travel book: Don't read this book.

Really. Don't. I actually ended up going on a feminist and/or queer rights rant to my poor, beleaguered airplane seatmates who did nothing wrong except sit next to me on a cross-country flight while I was reading this. (They very hesitantly reassured me that they were sure I liked cars and that they didn't see anything wrong with that.)

Don't Read This Book )

Distance to the Moon was published in 1999. I decided to go back almost 50 years, to Kerouac's On the Road, to find a less prejudiced, less painfully biased book. And I think that says all I need to say.
[livejournal.com profile] tahirire and [livejournal.com profile] samidha, I must thank you. I did not want to buy this book. I emotionally rejected the idea of buying a companion book to a television series, no matter how cult that television series is. I thought that I would be feeding the great Entertainment Machine and that I would have read better written fanfiction. I was so wrong, so, so wrong.

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