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( Aug. 18th, 2009 11:30 pm)
But especially [ profile] una___sola who had to deal with my very brief explanation of Torchwood: Season Fail this evening:

[ profile] kholran has the best summary of Children of Earth. Even if you've never watched Torchwood, if you read this (and have any appreciation for how suspension of disbelief works), you will understand why fans are upset.

Obviously, this includes huge spoilers. On the other hand, I think [ profile] kholran intelligently addresses why fans are upset. It's not necessarily because of the huge spoilery thing - although that was probably icing on the cake - but because, as [ profile] kholran put it, we're given a cake or death scenario and it's just not on. Not to mention the gaping plotholes I could drive a tank through. (Seriously? I want to see the story where Gray rides Myfanwy through the streets of Cardiff.)

Also? On a slightly unrelated topic, [ profile] smallcaps is awesome.
I'm in the process of coding a whole bunch of crap for [ profile] mishaland and it's driving me insane because I hate coding a lot.

On the other hand, fandom has been feeding my geeky soul as of late. (As in, it has been outgeeking itself in a truly medieval fashion that makes me unbelievably happy.) I think everyone should be able to roll about in the glory of these amazing things that make my life better.

First up, [ profile] espriete wrote Symbols Upon Symbols. It's Marco Polo/Kublai Khan. Now, I'm writing my thesis about Polo's habits of writing about sexual practices so this makes me super happy, even though it's about a book about Polo, not Polo's writing himself. (Although. It does make me wonder if, after this thesis is well and done, I could write an original piece about Polo running off and having deviant sex himself. It could be fun. And possibly my family would disown me forever.)

Second off, [ profile] used_songs has Bright Darkness, a Torchwood fanfic. I'm actually only onto the second chapter of this, but I think [ profile] una__sola needs to read this with me and possibly anyone else with a high tolerance for Middle English. Yes, Torchwood fic with Middle English. The casting of Ianto as the bisexual college drop-out who can speak Middle English and loves Chaucer doesn't really hurt me any, either. I don't want to give anything away, but if you can manage Middle English (and I firmly believe that anyone who speaks modern English reasonably well can manage Middle English with minimal effort and the aid of the MED and a quick guide to pronouncing Middle English. A passing knowledge of Monty Python can help as well - it did for me, anyway. FYI, Monty Python's also pretty good for helping remember key points in medieval English history and literature.)
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