chasingtides: (captain jack)
( Nov. 30th, 2009 01:00 am)
The weather is getting cold. It's dark when I get up and it's dark when I come home from work. I'm dreaming longingly of the days I could curl up in a patch of grass by the river and read a book.

I just shuffled the last of family out of the house and will be prepping for them to come back soon. In the mean time, we're all living with a mad crush of little sunlight, lots of work, holiday rushes, and pulling out our winter clothes.

(For those in the southern hemisphere, you're dealing with the opposite - the long, hot days we're dreaming of, the days working or in school when you want to go out, etc. I am sure you probably want cool northern cuddles, too.)

It's the Semi-Anon Cuddle Meme!

1. Post your username
2. Reply to others' threads anonymously (or not). Offer a cuddle, a mug of cocoa, a hot toddy, some cool lemonade, or why they kick ass and take names.
3. This is a semi-anon cuddle. It's for cuddles and good will. Sometimes you will get a Mint Julep and bear hug from an anonymouse. Learn to love and be loved anonymously.
4. Don't wank.



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