This is for [ profile] sgrio. Well, the potatoes are for her - the bonus meal at the end is for something else entirely. Crispies is an uninspired name, but I came up with this recipe.... I don't know. I was eight or nine years old? It's not a very inspired age. The recipe, though, has stood the test of time.

When I was a young child, my mother would, once in a blue moon, make homemade fried potatoes. My brother and I adored them. However, homemade chips are time consuming, unhealthy, and run a high burn risk if you don't own a deep frier. So, I set out to make a healthier, more efficient chip.

Potatoes (many)
Two teaspoons olive oil


Wash potatoes. Chop into bite sized pieces. Put in bowl & toss with olive oil. Arrange on oiled cookie sheet. Bake at 325 F until crisp and golden brown.


Really simple, right? Delicious! You can add to this to fit any meal. I recently did up a pot roast and made crispies but tossed some garlic salt and rosemary in with the olive oil. As the potatoes were browning, I added thin slices of sweet bell pepper (also tossed with oil, rosemary, and garlic). It was great. I've done up yams with oil and cinnamon. Sliced tomatoes added in at the last minute are a great early fall addition.


Pot Roast

1 chuck roast, cut in half
Two cups beef broth
Rosemary (two tbs)
Garlic (3 cloves)
Onion powder (or one half onion, chopped)
Dill seeds (1 tsp)
Thyme (2 tsp)
Bay leaf (to taste)
Oven bag

Set oven to 350 F. Trim fat from roast. Put chuck roast in the (large) oven bag. Pour in warm beef broth. Add spices. Add a splash of lemon juice if desired. Baked for 2 - 2.5 hours. Serve piping hot. Use spiced broth (from the oven bag) as gravy.

Serve with rosemary-garlic crispies (or cinnamon yam crispies) and mapled carrots.


Stay tuned! Tomorrow night I will show you how to turn that boring left over pot roast into a delicious chili!

Additionally, would anyone be interested in rosemary-chile chicken soup / how to make brownies-from-a-box taste homemade?
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( Mar. 1st, 2010 01:56 pm)
It's been too long since I wrote up a recipe. So here's one of my favorites - it's been cobbled together from a combination of experience, other recipes, and whatever happens to be on hand at the moment.

Chase's Jambalaya


left over chicken (anywhere from a whole baked chicken to a single serving can be used - if there's less chicken, use more veggies)
one bell pepper
one onion
celery (anywhere from two to four stalks)
four cloves garlic, minced or dried
a bit of oil
8 cups chicken broth (or water)
4 cups rice
spices (garlic salt, cayenne pepper, ancho chili pepper to taste)
Tabasco sauce (optional and to taste - I use a couple tablespoons)

Chop chicken, pepper, onion, and celery well. Put in pot with oil, garlic, and spices, cooking until soft and aromatic. Add chicken broth and Tabasco sauce. Bring to a boil. Add rice. Simmer until the rice is cooked. (Don't let the rice burn!)


This is actually a family favorite - it feeds a family of four hungry people for a couple of nights. It also freezes absurdly well. My freezer is never without a couple servings of my jambalaya. It's also pretty variable - you can use most meats, add some sausage if you like (andouille, preferably) or some ham, toss in some more greens. If you don't like spice, don't use the Tabasco sauce, but be warned: freezing tends to reduce the heat of this dish so the Tabasco sauce helps to keep the kick alive.

The chicken broth helps keep the flavor alive (and even using a low sodium version from the store is fine because it's all going into the rice). The real key is having onion-pepper-celery-garlic. I'm not a huge fan of onions, so I don't use many in this, but plenty of people use more than three times as many onions as I do in jambalaya. (Would you believe that I grew up not eating onions at all, practically, until I got to college? Green bean casserole at Thanksgiving was the only exception to this rule.)
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( Jan. 19th, 2010 09:16 pm)
Two questions:

Suggestions for attractive, comfortable, waterproof boots? My high boots (I got them my freshman year of college) just failed for the second time this winter, leaking water while I was tromping around shoveling. (They've been waterproofed twice since November, so that's not it either.) They're ugly as all hell, but they worked for five years.

Suggestions for cheap fabric buying? Is there a fabric equivalent to KnitPicks and Elann?
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( Jan. 12th, 2010 09:06 pm)
I will be spending an absurd amount of time this coming weekend in transit. My iPod is still MIA. (Don't even ask. It's not worth it. I'm just going to be Nova Scotian this weekend.)

However, I want to get a travel book, for the times when I'm not driving or writing my Big Bangs. This is a book suggestion post. Tell me what book I should read this weekend.
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( Jan. 10th, 2010 12:45 pm)
In memory of family and friends who have lost the battle with cancer and in support of the ones who continue to conquer it! Repost this in your LJ if you know someone who has, had or has been affected by cancer.
Does your kitchen smell like last night's fish? Trying to get rid of the overwhelming smell of old coffee, burned sugar, or overcooked garlic? Look no further!

Winter Spice Boil

Fill one medium size sauce pan with water. Add one dash of vanilla extract, one cinnamon stick, and a half teaspoon of star anise. Simmer. When the water evaporates, continue to pour water in the pot and continue to simmer.

In addition to filling your kitchen (and other rooms) with the warm, sweet smell of anise and cinnamon, simmer the water will also add humidity to dry winter air.
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( Jan. 8th, 2010 08:48 pm)
I lost a pattern.

It was a simple one, but I wanted to double check it. It was for a simple blanket, involving two layers that I would turn inside out... and now I can't find it. I bought the fabric for it (a cream and charcoal cotton toile and a grey fleece).

I've found a nice pattern (here) but I'm concerned. Whenever I've used my sewing machine, the wrong side of the fabric (the one facing down while I sew) looks like an utter mess and obviously, that's not an option with this pattern.

Halp? Am I missing some basic sewing machine know-how?

(Also, it's fucking cold here.)
Title: Knight of the Sun
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~2500
Summary: There's not much that makes Christmas special in Camp Chitaqua: the angel Castiel stills keeps his steady high, Commander Winchester still runs his missions like a slave drive, and Prophet Shurely still shouts at God. Yet, somehow, it's the people of the camp who make sure it's still a holiday, bringing in light and warmth out of the darkness.
Notes: Written for [ profile] osmalic for [ profile] spn_j2_xmas. I hope you like it. Thanks to [ profile] estarmuerta and [ profile] yakbite for looking it over.

Where would Christmas begin but with demands from heavean? )
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( Dec. 15th, 2009 11:58 pm)
Flisters, oh flisters,

My tired body craves warmth, so I'm looking at investing in a hot water bottle. (Also useful if I move and don't have a microwave because God knows that I cannot live without a kettle, ever in my life, even when I move into the upper canopy of the Everglades during the zombie apocalypse and live off of canned jam.)

I'm looking at Amazon, but if they're attractive/well rated, they're expensive. If they're not expensive, they're ugly and have serious flaws. I want something with a cover that won't leak hot water all over me and my mattress in the middle of the night.

I tried to host a conversation about Glee here earlier this week that I believe was mostly successful. Around the same time, I tried to participate in conversations elsewhere about the show (note: I would count myself among the detractors of the show; see my previous entry).

I saw people saying something to me. I saw people saying it to other detractors of the show - and fans of the show who have issues with some parts. I also realised that I've seen this technique elsewhere. Sometimes, I saw it in Racefail, but I've seen it in feminist discussions of Supernatural. I've seen it in race discussions of Joss Whedon's work. I've actually seen it in a lot of places and this isn't the first time it's been pushed on me. And it's a great way to shut down a dissenting voice.

Even though I risk hurt feelings, I will quote from one of my discussions last week, when I mentioned that I was particularly bothered by a bit of violence in Glee because of my position as a survivor.

You're too black/disabled/female/have a history with this topic, so you can't objectively talk about this issue/understand this issue.

This seems like a common argument and, to me, a really bizarre one. You're too black to discuss racism. You're too disabled to discuss ablism. You're too female to discuss sexism. You're too queer to discuss homophobia. You're a soldier, so you can't discuss war. You're a survivor of violence, so you can't discuss it. Ever.

It boils down to - essentially - only the privileged can discuss the problems of the world. If you've experienced the Bad Stuff in the world, then you're not allowed to discuss how that Bad Stuff is thrown back at you in the media of the world and how that hurts.

I can think up two reasons people use this argument. I prefer the first.

The Person loves Writer McWordsmith and all of McWordsmith's work. Person has been writing fanfic and meta and sharing the works of McWordsmith with everyone they love. Being told that there are Problems with McWordsmith's work feels like we're taking away their teddy bear. Maybe it feels like we're saying they are racist/ablist/sexist/transphobic because they like the works of McWordsmith.

It's easier to tell us that we're wrong and blind to the wonders of McWordsmith than to understand that, yeah, we'd love to love the works of McWordsmith. We want to love them too! But it hurts us - it's stealing our teddy bear away - when McWordsmith throws the same old oppression back in our faces.

On the other hand, they could actually believe that we should never, ever suggest that media in any way reflects the oppression of the world and that that could ever possibly be a problem for groups who want to enjoy said media. These people could honestly think that disabled bloggers should never, ever say that it's wrong to suggest that schoolchildren should pay for their own ramps, that bloggers of color should never want awesome stories with heroes of color, that feminist bloggers should never talk about wanting feminist storylines in public.

If the last part is true, I would probably cry into my Cheerios. And then, I could make some angry posts about how I'm not going to shut up and I will do my best to ask for and produce positive media. Because I patently do not believe that only the privileged have the right to discuss media or pop culture.
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( Dec. 11th, 2009 08:05 pm)
So, I made two mistakes. One, I watch another episode of Glee. (Warning: Mattress comes with unexamined domestic violence, discussion further in.)

Then I went on to make my second mistake - I tried to talk about the issues with Glee (as per what I've seen: racism, ablism, sexism, domestic violence; I have seen discussions of issues of queerness).

People seem to be using, "But it's satire!" as a way of shutting down issues with the show. I won't deny that the songs are catchy and fun, but I am having a lot of trouble seeing how the issues I'm having are satire on the show.

Will pins his wife to the wall, gripping her wrist so hard that we can see the strain in his hand, even after she tells him he's scaring her and asking him to get away. Then, while she seems near tears, he lifts up her shirt and tears the baby belly off her and starts screaming. (FYI, I think she's right that the club is an unhealthy obsession for him - example: writing the check for the yearbook ad when they obviously didn't have the money for it. Also using it as a cover for emotional cheating.) I wouldn't have as much of a problem, except we are supposed to see him as the put-upon victim.

Quinn says Puck got her drunk the night he got her pregnant - but somehow she's the cheating lying slut? And Terri's clearly scared of Will and got some mental issues, but she's the shrewish angry wife? And what's with the minority kids getting less screen time and I won't even touch the ablism?

Can someone please explain how this is satire and not really offensive crap?

[In other news: I'm apparently working extra hours and six days a week until Christmas. Oh god, I'm going to die.]
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( Nov. 30th, 2009 01:00 am)
The weather is getting cold. It's dark when I get up and it's dark when I come home from work. I'm dreaming longingly of the days I could curl up in a patch of grass by the river and read a book.

I just shuffled the last of family out of the house and will be prepping for them to come back soon. In the mean time, we're all living with a mad crush of little sunlight, lots of work, holiday rushes, and pulling out our winter clothes.

(For those in the southern hemisphere, you're dealing with the opposite - the long, hot days we're dreaming of, the days working or in school when you want to go out, etc. I am sure you probably want cool northern cuddles, too.)

It's the Semi-Anon Cuddle Meme!

1. Post your username
2. Reply to others' threads anonymously (or not). Offer a cuddle, a mug of cocoa, a hot toddy, some cool lemonade, or why they kick ass and take names.
3. This is a semi-anon cuddle. It's for cuddles and good will. Sometimes you will get a Mint Julep and bear hug from an anonymouse. Learn to love and be loved anonymously.
4. Don't wank.

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( Nov. 25th, 2009 12:31 am)

Do you have thoughts on gender neutral language? Nomenclature? Other gender neutral items I cannot currently remember? Are you opposed? For? Mixed? Share your thoughts!
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( Nov. 12th, 2009 07:27 pm)
So, as people on my flist know by now, I have the flu. It's dastardly and I feel terrible. Realising I couldn't take another meal of soup, I threw this together in 20 minutes and it's very good.

1/2 lb chicken, cooked and sliced (alternate: can of beans, just add it later in the cooking cycle)
1 stalk celery, chopped
1 cup rice
2 cups water
equal parts garlic salt, cayenne pepper, chili powder (I used about 1.5 teaspoons each, but I'm aiming for serious spice)

Put water in a pot and add the spices. Bring to a boil. Add rice, bring back to a boil, turn down the heat. Add the chicken. After ten minutes, add the celery (and beans, if you're doing beans for protein). Simmer until rice is cooked.

Makes 2 servings.

I like cayenne pepper and garlic salt because of the work they do on my sinuses and throat when I'm sick. The chili powder adds depth. It is visually bland - white rice, pale chicken, diced celery - but it packs a secret punch.

I'm eating it with cornbread-and-honey and ginger tea. Power punch to my nose and throat.
Title: What Seems Possible
Rating: PG
Pairing: Smith & Wesson
Prompt: [ profile] smallcaps: After they smoke the ghost, they go back to Smith's apartment to ~clean up~. There is flirty banter and adrenaline and Wesson snapping Smith's suspenders just to be a dick. As tame or as pornographic as you feel inclined!
Word Count: ~1400
Summary: After leaving the Sandover building, Sam and Dean aren't done with the ghost - or each other.
Notes: Prequel to Nothing Half So Pleasant. Written for [ profile] smallcaps because she made me adorable macros. I hope this offering is equal to the adorable macros.

Read more... )
One thing I've learned: There's really no end to some people's ablism )
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( Oct. 30th, 2009 11:58 pm)
I've got a new peeve: when I post something about legal inequalities regarding queers and being upset that I'm not an equal under certain laws and I'm told to sit down and shut up, that I'm immature and I need to learn to be patient. (Actually, I'd be peeved if this happened in real life, but in real life I have the extraordinary superpower of Angry Tiny Person Glare with Added Queer Theory To Baffle With. If nothing else, it shuts people up.)

I won't sit down. I won't shut up. I don't want to wait a couple years until the federal government recognizes certain types of marriage. (I think it'd be an inappropriate 10th anniversary gift to same sex marriage in Massachusetts for the federal government to say, "Oh, by the way, we're finally recognizing that you could possibly actually be getting equal rights to your opposite sex coupled neighbours. Happy anniversary!") I think DADT is hurting straights as well as queers - we're weeding out the ranks of our military while we're at war. It doesn't take a genius to see that that's a bad idea.

Also, "The fight for African American Equality was not won in a damn day in this nation's history."

Well, I'm not African-American, nor did I specialise in the twentieth century in history, but my family and my nuns would have tanned my hide if I didn't know this: Neither African American rights nor women's rights came by people sitting down and shutting up and towing the party line.

My great-grandmother, widow and mother and breadwinner, marched with the first suffrage meeting in this country. She was pelted with rotten fruit and vegetables and heckled and told to go home to her husband. My cousins and mother worked with women's right and African American rights in the 60's and 70's because they were women and one of them married an African American man and wanted her children to grow up in an equal world.

None of them earned anything by shutting up and waiting until it was convenient. It is never convenient. We are never convenient. But rights - that is, things that should be inherent but are being denied by law - shouldn't wait convenience. That's why they're rights and not conveniences.
I seem to be having a sensitivity reaction to the SLS/SDS in my shampoo and soaps. I've had reactions before, but at the moment, it's unbearable, so I'm eliminating it from my beauty regimen. I've been thinking of eliminating shampoo from my life for a while and this could be push in the right direction.

I've got straight hair, so I skipped over [ profile] curlygirls and went over to [ profile] no_poo. However, I'm an omnivore who dreams of one day owning her own farm and who may someday in the near future have a service animal, so I'm not totally comfortable with the atmosphere there (with the "commodification" of animals being viewed as a moral absolute). Is there another shampoo-free community or do any of you have direct experience with [ profile] no_poo?