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Don't Get Scurvy: Orange-Ginger Salsa
Baked Meatballs
Rose-Ginger Biscuits
Homemade Cocoa (with optional Rum)
Ginger Lemonade
Sugar and Spice Cookies
Honey-Maple Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Fruit Stuffed Chicken
Spiced Quinoa With Tomatoes and Peppers
Mulled Cider
Cranberry Scones
Boondogle's Five Chile Chili and Cornbread
Easy Crab Risotto
Glögg and Old Fashioned Apple Pie
Cranberry Orange Bread, Cranberry-Apple Drop Cookies, and Eggnog
Dazzling Cranberry Sauce and Mad Cranberry Gut Chutney
Pumpkin Pie with Homemade Ginger Graham Cracker Crust
Blackstrap and Arrowroot Cookies


One Shots:
New Béziers PG-13
Coda to 3.16: The Winchester boys were supposed to be dead, one in St. Louis, both in Colorado, not slaughtering a small town in Indiana.

Sideshow Freak PG
Bobby is family.

Tested By Fire PG-13
The boy king needs his brother. (Sam/Dean, Dark)
Now in Russian!

Bonnie and Clyde PG-13
Coda to 2.19 Folsom Prison Blues: Mara Daniels and Calvin Reidy discuss Mara's peculiar clients (Sam/Dean)

Truth G; John, Missouri

Clean Air RPS, PG (Jared/Jensen)

Five Times Sam Missed Dean PG; Sam, Dean

This Godforsaken Wilderness (AU, gen, complete, 21 003 words)
AU. Thirteen years ago, the Winchesters moved to Massachusetts and fit in almost seamlessly. Then, in 2002, Sam Winchester's life begins to spiral out of control after the inexplicable death of his brother's roommate.
Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five

Always Burn to Be R, Sam/Dean
When Sam overextends his psychic abilities after exorcising a young girl, he and Dean learn to deal with the consequences of Hell and demon blood. Wincest.

An Extremely Circuitous Courtship PG; RPS (Jensen/Jared), humor
Jensen has a mancrush, Jared is a Terminator robot, and neither of them have plans for New Year's Eve.

Lix Tetrax R, Bobby Singer
Everyone knows that Bobby Singer killed his wife, stabbed her the chest. Everyone thought he was a nice man, taught up at the university, but just goes to show, you never really know a person.

It's the Most Manliest Day of the Year G, Jared Padalecki
Jared likes football. He really does.

Samyaza Arc (AU, wip)
Closer to Comfort PG-13
In the dust and sun of west Texas, city and ghost town, avenue and interstate, two brothers learn about the love in pranks, the importance - and sorrow - of hunting knives, and just what it means to go through hell.

The Sour for the Sweet PG-15
After Dean's death, Sam walks a knife's edge. He becomes what his brother hates, for his brother's sake.

The Bone Shared (wip) PG-13, gen
Summary: A Torchwood employee could never have a quiet night at the pub or a normal family life. Ianto and Tosh go to America and chaos ensues.
Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four

Harry Potter:
A Fateful Night in 1955 (crack)


Biphobia: It's What's for Dinner (bisexuality, prejudice, fandom, real life, 3/27/2009)

Destiny, Desire, and Despair or Hopey Mchopeypants the Third Hope (SPN 4x17 It's a Terrible Life, angels, Zachariah, redemption, hope, 3/26/2009)

Writing Thoughts and Links (writing, fanfiction, original fiction, research, 2/23/2009)

Hell Is Other People: Sam's Psychic Gifts in a New Light (SPN, Sam Winchester, fallen angels, demons, Hell, Azazel, 2/16/2009)

The Story of My (non)Existence: Bisexuals and Genre Television (bisexuality, media, 13, Dean Winchester, Battlestar Galactica, Torchwood, 2/6/2009)

SPN 2x13: Did They Get You To Trade Your Heroes For Ghosts? (SPN 2x13: Houses of the Holy, SPN season four, angels, redemption, 1/28/2009)

Wheelchairs and Shotguns: The Handicapped Other and the Supernatural Fandom (disabilty, fen, 1/20/2009)

Angelic Parallels in Heaven and Hell: Thoughts on Castiel and Sam in 4.10 (Supernatural, Sam, Dean, Castiel, Uriel, 4.10 Heaven and Hell, 1/8/2009)

I've Even Got An Improbably Ethnic Name (Supernatural, Castiel, Ruby, casting, 12/15/2008)

Wikipedia Is Your Friend: Angels and Demons (Supernatural, season four mythology, 11/22/2008)

Fear and Faith in the Winchester Brothers: Bringing Things Full Circle (Supernatural, fear and love as recurring themes, Sam, Dean 10/24/2008)

Incest in My Canon? (Supernatural, 4.03, incest, Chekov's gun, 10/3/2008)

Niccolo Makes Me a Misogynist: A Look at Dean Winchester's Violent Tendencies (Supernatural, 4.01, violence and minorities, 9/20/2008)

Why Supernatural is like the Evil Dead (Supernatural, violence, 9/18/2008)

Sex Meta: What's Wrong with Sex? (sex in fandom, 9/11/2008)

Social Commentary, BOO-YA (RPF, celebrity gossip, 6/6/2008)

Osama bin Laden/George W Bush OTP (sex, legalities, copyright, wank, 5/31/2007)
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